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Our Services

1. Frequent price and product information

Considering the constant shortening of the product shelf life and life cycle, and rapidly changing consumer preferences, there is a need for a rapid and up - to date information system to aid manufacturers and retailers in the evaluation and analysis of market trends, pricing, product life cycles etc. Our Analysis fulfils this need in that it presents a reflection of the market shelf offer as seen in the eyes of the consumer.

We provide you with a frequently updated database of specifications and current street prices of IT and CE products available in various European markets.

Based on this information we analyze the various markets with its product trends, price trends, market segmentations, technology trends and niches and provide you with a qualitative analysis on the evolution of the various markets.

2. User Experience Consulting

Customer insights and a serious understanding of your Users is becoming more and more important as a success factor to drive innovation. Hardware Technology products are getting difficult to use due to the complexity of options.

Web applications and Software must be designed in a user friendly way in order to deliver the success and the ROI. Placing your products in the right markets with the correct marketing.

If you feel, you need help around those questions, we are happy to consult you and offer the following:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Successful Market entries
  • Product Development and Planning
  • International User Testing’s, Usability Labs incl.  Eye - tracking
  • Concept studies, Persona Creation
  • On Site Consulting for Web – Projects
  • POS Marketing concept studies
  • CRM Strategies

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Pricing Analysis

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Market Research

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User Experience Consulting

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