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User centric and Market research

The market observer company, m[o]c, is a User centric, market research and consulting firm. We are experts in Market research, Pricing analysis and User Experience consulting.

Our research activities are based across Europe as well as Turkey and Russia. We are specialized in IT and CE products and focus on Retail and Consumer channels. We provide valuable market and consumer information. Our focus is the view of the consumer. We track and deliver qualitative market and product information. Our data allows to deliver up to date street prices and product specifications.

Our services allow transparency of different European markets and provide trend-analysis, so clients can react to changes in the consumer market strategy of their competitors.

Value Proposition Guidance

The value proposition describes the key reason to visit your digital eco-system in a sticky. It matches a compelling need of the user...

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User Experience Consulting

Customer insights and a serious understanding of your Users is clearly the number one success factor to drive innovation...

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Market Research

We provide the information needed to make informed decisions about market needs, competition. Contact us for a free quote.

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Pricing Analysis

Considering the constant shortening of the product life cycle, and rapidly changing consumer preferences, there is a need...

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